A Brief History of Buzzmode & Why And How We Work

The Big Game Changer of Our Times

Some History

The game has changed completely!

English, the language is notoriously difficult to learn for people whose native tongue is not English.

Buzzmode is a different approach to the English as a Second Language for Adults space.

We recognize that the web offers us a major opportunity to help people more effectively.

The government run projects do a good job, but many people are also not helped by these.

additionally there are a lot of students who prefer a more personal, tailored approach to their specific circumstances.

I set out to offer real people who wish to learn English some more options, other than the typical, and often clinical approaches.

Moreover, ACCENT issues continue to plague many adults from countries with distinctive cadences as a part of their native tongue.

I recognize that gaining clarity, and losing strong accented English is going to be most helpful.

I am pleased to be able to offer Buzzmode to learners of English, my native tongue which I love to help others to learn.

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Mike Gorman

I am a unique blend of adult education, and technical skills.

My education background includes a bachelor degree, and adult education qualifications, in addition to my IT and web experience. So I have a unique insight into the needs of learners of English, and adult literacy, and also digital literacy.

You might say that I am an all round literacy guy.

I genuinely love to able to help people, today’s WWW enqables me to do so more effectively.