Why Launching Is Critical

launching involves getting all your ducks in a row

Building Attention The Currency of Attention When people build something, or develop a product, service or event it becomes time to present this to the right people. For many people the digital world can be confusing. Just how to go about reaching people, making them aware of something, how to break through the noise and […]

The Information War

Influencing The Outcomes Our Society Responds To Influence If we are observant, if we have an interest in the way outcomes are derived in our society, and we do not simply accept matters at face-value we develop an interest in the mechanics, the means by which the various features of our society become accepted, and […]

Learning Management Systems

software and system approaches to learning We Can Offer much More Than University These Days Out there in the real world of suburbs, communities of people, each striving to improve their lives, to gain a competitive edge in today’s complex, demanding society the more traditional education path is proving to be much less helpful than […]

The Vast Opportunity of Digital Learning

Presenting Your Expertise We are living through unprecedented times. The opportunity we each have, as subject specialists, experts and practitioners to transform the lives of others is truly staggering. Not to mention following a truly independent, powerful path of our own construction! It is this independent, self directed quality which presents a challenge to the […]

How to Build Your Own Learning Community

Online Learning Represents a Revolution in Education The emergence of the internet, social media and online media has brought with it many detractors. The changes we have all witnessed over the past 20 years have not always been immediately positive, it seems the old guard of media owners have had much to complain about, their […]

Why College Is Failing

University or College Has Become Irrelevant for many Yes, I know it sounds dramatic, tertiary education is an aspect of life that we were brought up to respect, and aspire to! If you are over 30 years of age you will have been presented with the path of education from an early age. Our western […]

The One Most Significant Thing

to communicate It Might Seem Obvious, But This Is What It Is ALL About Because we are surrounded by it each day & night, because we are all immersed within the vast ocean of communications in our connected, networked, diverse society we can actually fail to understand that what we each need to do is […]

Start Building Your Identity

Constructing and Presenting Your Unique ID With all of the distraction, and bluster surrounding being ‘online’ these days, we can be sidetracked into thinking it is all about how many tools, and fancy resources we can use, how much we can impress people and wow them with our slick presentations. When in fact it is […]

Buzzmode Podcast Episode Three

Funnel Building is a common expression being used today, but if you are not familiar with digital media it can seem mysterious! I discuss building communication funnels, sales funnels and the various resources we need to build them. I also mention Infowars and how this has been unfairly treated in my opinion by the big corporate tech giants.

Buzzmode Podcast Episode 2

Digital media, the ‘mass media’ of the 21st Century. The demographics I tend to work for, and how to get started building a digital presence.