Constructing and Presenting Your Unique ID

how you are viwed

With all of the distraction, and bluster surrounding being ‘online’ these days, we can be sidetracked into thinking it is all about how many tools, and fancy resources we can use, how much we can impress people and wow them with our slick presentations. When in fact it is often actually a case of just how well you can communicate, how effectively you can reach specific types of people.

There are a lot of people spending vast sums on what they believe are ‘premium’ quality tools, because they think that the more you can spend on these things, the more successful your efforts will be. There are also many guru types who are advocating building enormous followings on social media.

I do not agree with this approach, at all.

The name of the game is building interest in your specific area of work, not simply an amorphous mass of vaguely interested people who might have liked a meme, or a quote you post. We need to start getting critically specific.

We can work with very focused intentions. As an expert, or specialist in your area you want people, of course who are directly connected with what you offer.

We achieve this by building very specific types of digital publications. It begins with staking your claim on the internet, and building your specific property, your digital home where you can publish whatever you choose without the fear of breaking any terms of service, or being shut down. Sure, we can use social media for own purposes, and we can build our own pages on this-such as a Facebook business page, or community page. 

However owning your own place, your distinctive internet residence allows us to build our powerful personal brand.

We need to have pages, and the opportunity to publish all kinds of media, video, text, audio and graphical.

We commence writing content, producing videos, podcasts, and we incrementally build a powerful, unique identity which our people can engage with and connect with.

Your Domain name, your self-hosted digital HQ is the first step in this process. We can then set about constructing our social media presence based on our unique domain brand.

As people who intend to build education and coaching, training offers we need to be very aware of our identity and we also need to build our focused intentions.

For people who might not be familiar with the digital world, this might seem daunting, but it is amazing how quickly this can take place, a matter of months not years.

The important thing is to begin, and to do something each day towards our ultimate objective. We have some amazing tools and resources at our disposal these days; only as little as 20 years ago, much of this was only possible with a huge investment and involving lots of  very specialized people.

The important thing is to begin, and to get some help, this is where I and my associates come in. I am not a guru, I am an ordinary guy who developed skills and insight from my background and education, I am largely self taught and able to help you as a result.

Contact me, and allow me to help you, together we will be able to achieve remarkable results; I love being able to help people to transform their own, and their student’s lives. Great things are possible, but it takes you to decide to do it 🙂