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Your HQ, Your Digital Home

You might think with social media, and pages you can just fly with that...

Make no mistake, owning your own slice of Internet Real Estate is incredibly powerful!

We can manage our social media, produce our content schedule, put up booking forms, run a blog, and most importantly, have our Domain name as the branding statement. If you want to present your courses you can manage and build these on your own assets, plus nobody can dictate what you can, or cannot present.

I personally have known people who run all of their content from social media, and they have been closed down one day, all gone, their income stream erased! Being in control of your own infrastructure just makes sense.

The power of branding cannot be over stated. 

Yes, Social Media, and third party page builders can allow us a flexible, direct way of building funnels, but having a managed home site is still an incredibly powerful branding statement.


Domain Names

To commence being visible, and to give your venture a name you need a domain name. I can help you with this. If you already have a name, good!


For those people who do not have a domain name, this is the URL name you give to your online activities. The Dot Com, or any number of other Dot XXX names. These days there are literally hundreds of options, and you will be told by many players and so-called experts that you should always go for the .com, NO! 


This is just not true, once upon a time, back in the early days of the internet the dot-com was the business domain; not any longer.


There are now over 1,000 domain possibilities and you can match your venture with such variants as:













To list them all would take many pages! Select your domain with confidence, you will not be penalized by Google or any of the search engines for your selection. It does not really matter where you register your domain, GoDaddy, Namecheap, Crazydomains are some examples.


What does matter more, is your hosting! This is where I come in as your web manager. I provide Amazon AWS hosting, this is the best, most powerful infrastructure. Some people will try to tell you hosting doesn’t matter, and you should get the cheapest, NO!


Hosting does matter, you think Netflix would be as successful if they used Bluehost, or Hostgator? Of course not, they use Amazon AWS because it offers us speed, security and power.


Building your Internet based venture should be a question of quality, if you use the best tools you can afford, it pays dividends. This is why I use WordPress, AWS and some of the best options for this platform.