Presenting Your Expertise

We are living through unprecedented times. The opportunity we each have, as subject specialists, experts and practitioners to transform the lives of others is truly staggering. Not to mention following a truly independent, powerful path of our own construction!

It is this independent, self directed quality which presents a challenge to the established order. However, if we know that our intentions are good, and our materials sound, we have nothing to fear, but fear itself!

Among the many people I speak with, and support, I encounter a lot of people who feel anxious, they are good people, and often highly skilled in their areas, but they express feeling the dreaded ‘Imposter Syndrome’.

Not all of us are highly confident, extroverted communicators, in fact creative and clever people are very often introverts, people who are not used to presenting their voice, appearance and identity. 

For the more introverted personality, all of this upfront communication can be a challenge. But never fear!

There are ways to present your message, and your identity which allow us to retain our sense of security, and deliver very clear, powerful communication.

With video, for example, we can focus on demonstrating our content, with screen views, and presentations, rather than in front of the camera.

Like all skills, the more you confront the challenges the more confident you become. 

We have access to very powerful communication tools these days, and they are not necessarily expensive, I provide lots of advice for people in choosing the right solutions for their needs.

Audio, this is an aspect of digital media that is gaining traction. The production of podcasts is exploding across the globe, people are discovering the power of audio as both an entertaining, and powerful education media type.

Radio used to be called ‘The theater of the mind’, there is a clue here to just why audio is so very effective.

The convenience of listening to the spoken word, along with carefully chosen music, sound effects and graphics packaging can give us access to a massive audience.

The old radio and television networks were a closed shop, they were extremely expensive and tightly controlled; podcasting is pretty easy to set up, and you can deliver highly specialized content to an avidly interested audience thanks to the power of social media, and the internet as a whole.

This opens the way for the open market to decide which content it prefers. Have you noticed how all of the old media organizations are trying to compete with podcasting?

This does not matter, if we can present our own content, we represent authenticity, people are jaded and distrustful of the corporate world, the slick, the over produced. This is actually a golden time for the independent content producer, we have the field, it is our time.

So, take heart. Building our own independent learning communities takes time, it will not happen over night! But with the application of good intentions, combined with the power of digital media and communication talents, we can indeed do this!

The approach, the model of execution follows a simple pattern:

1. Building a brand identity, using a domain name and logo

2. Setting up a digital head quarters which we own, and manage

3. Setting up social media accounts based on this brand identity

4. Producing our distinctive content, written, video, audio and syndicating this among relevant locations online

5.Setting up communities, using organic and paid traffic methods

6.Producing our education materials, courses and presenting these.

7. Promoting the venture, using advanced social media tools, communication strategies-launching our venture!

8. Providing the means for our clients/students to respond, and interact, support one another and building customer relationships.

All of this is predicated on communication, and building rapport, we must be very aware of the value of expressing our empathy, and insight into the situations of our groups.

A lot of people think digital education is all about the technology, in fact many people believe this is what the internet is about, they are wrong, it is about people and communication. The technology is simply a means to present and execute your communication, at scale and with vast syndication!

The above model is the same one all successful online education ventures follow, it makes sense and it provides a structure for us to follow. Within this structure we have enormous flexibility, and room to express our uniqueness, and our value.