University or College Has Become Irrelevant for many


Yes, I know it sounds dramatic, tertiary education is an aspect of life that we were brought up to respect, and aspire to!

If you are over 30 years of age you will have been presented with the path of education from an early age. Our western education systems have been operating for hundreds of years, and the development of universities and colleges has been the conduit by which our culture, and specialist skills have been transmitted to new generations for centuries now.

We know that the development of the internet has been having a profound effect on our society, this is common knowledge and the media is filled with analysis and negative studies. The harmful effects of social media, the erosion of communication and social skills among the young, it is everywhere!

Actually, I disagree with all of this doom and gloom concerning the internet. I think the bad talk is mostly from those groups in our society who are feeling the pressure, who are being displaced and forced to change, mass-media ownership, and yes, the established education investor groups are experiencing a decline in their offerings.

For the great many people who do not aspire to become lawyers, or medical doctors tertiary education has become less, and less meaningful. We are living through unique times, we all know this, and the opportunities we now have to learn and develop new skills has also changed, in a big way.

I don’t want to open the Pandora’s box of politics, because it seems politics is all we ever seem to hear about these days, but the very nature of education, and the authority to teach is highly political by its very nature.

I had the benefit of gaining a university education, I did so at a time just prior to the digital revolution and I was awarded a Bachelor degree, with some post graduate studies in adult education; so I am aware of the tertiary education path, but I also know matters have changed significantly over the past 20 years.

I think many of us fail to comprehend the true scale of what has occurred, we also do not fully understand the scale of opportunity we now have to offer people immense value and help.

Some of the more switched on among us have been providing specialist education and training for some time. We have communities such as ‘Udemy’, ‘Lynda’ and other significant projects that offer online and interactive education courses. Universities themselves have been attempting to keep up, and many of these also offer online access to their courses, but these can only go so far in providing what modern people need and want from education.

Many of the courses being offered in business, and IT for example have failed to keep pace with the full reality, and scope of today’s digital world.

It has fallen to enlightened individuals, and people who possess unique experiences and skills to offer the full value of themselves to others. This is in fact a huge opportunity.

The scope of this opportunity includes being able to offer people very specific skills education, and coaching. The superb brilliance of today’s communication tools allow us to truly convey highly detailed and specific types of information, to demonstrate and present very detailed course content, to offer additional help and amplified messages. Today’s podcasts, websites, video and audio communications are extremely powerful, and available to us for remarkably cheap levels investment; what used to involve millions of dollars worth of resources can now be provided for a few thousand.

This incredible access we have to immensely powerful digital tech, it has changed education, and the nature of learning forever.

Specialist learning communities are flowering online every day!

So-called ‘thought leaders’ and people with positive intentions can now help people in ways that were simply not possible as little as 20 years ago.

The boutique, the remarkable, the specific, the recondite are all now possible to deliver to highly engaged, interested students.

And this is the big difference between bespoke, tailored education and the mass courses which are still being offered by the universities and colleges of the world.

As someone who has been intensely interested with learning for adults, and the whole issue of adult education I am amazed each day by the scale of this revolution. Also, as someone who has been working with and studying information technology since the 1990’s I am delighted to be able to help other experts and teachers convert their expertise into new, profitable and valuable forms.

If you like the idea of being able to build your own path, and your own independent education/training business, to offer genuinely interested people something they just cannot obtain in the mainstream education systems, then we should talk.

I am excited, and deeply grateful to be alive in these times because there have never been times like these!

Learning, developing valuable skills is an incredible gift, and you can be delivering your unique gifts to people very effectively, and you can be building your independence, creating a remarkable new life for yourself and your family.

All this takes is some planning, some talking and some building. We can collaborate, and build your spectacular education project, changing other people’s lives, providing unique value, and building your full independence. Make no mistake, online education and interactive training is very real, we now have the means to reach mass audiences very quickly and efficiently. Let me help you to change lives.