Building Attention

Attention is the currency
The Currency of Attention

When people build something, or develop a product, service or event it becomes time to present this to the right people.

For many people the digital world can be confusing. Just how to go about reaching people, making them aware of something, how to break through the noise and distractions?

Well, what the digital marketers have learned is something they call ‘Launching’. The process of launching can be broken down into very specific parts, but the essential objective addresses this problem of making the right people aware of what you are doing, and how this can benefit them!

This is a highly practical,specific range of actions, which is why I have decided to describe this in an article. I have seen some of the really big launches and I have also observed just how effective launching can be if it is conducted in the right way.

When people set out to build something online, they might spend months putting together a website, writing articles, working with coders and developers, assembling a team, putting the project together, only to fail when they cannot get their project to sell; they forget about the critical need to make the right kinds of people aware of their work.

Advertising is a very general term. You can’t depend on just advertising your project, you have make people aware of the details, really spell out the benefits. This is best done through launching.

Jeff Walker is a well known guy among digital circles, he basically came up with the rule book when it comes to product launching. But the thing with Jeff is that he charges a lot of money for his training program. Jeff Walker’s Platinum launch group is great for the affluent, the already rich. But the process of launching is not that difficult to grasp. People tend to fall down with the actual details of building their launch project.

It is ironic that Jeff talks about his humble beginnings, the fact he was a stay-at-home dad, that he had no money before he built his list from his Stock Market product. Jeff conveys this authentic message, that he is one of the people, not a ‘Guru’. I don’t want to criticize Jeff, but he actually is a guru, he operates in a pretty exclusive circle! I think Jeff forgets just how difficult it can be getting started; Tony Robbins learned how to launch from Jeff.

I mention Jeff Walker because I think it is important to acknowledge the origins of ideas, I take the ideas from other people and I forge my own version, this is what the digital world offers us, access to lots of good ideas and practical solutions.

The idea of a ‘Sideways Sales Letter’ is a very good one.

We take a promotional sales letter and we break it up into 4 distinct videos. Only we provide value in our videos, they are not just shouting about how brilliant we are. We provide a version of our training, we get people involved with the content so that they have a taste of our content. In essence we teach people, and get them used to our style, provide good information which allows them to understand,; but most people need much more than this, they need guidance and more intense involvement.

The mechanics of putting together pages, and recording videos can be accomplished on many different tools, we don’t actually need ‘Clickfunnels’ or other expensive solutions-we can use WordPress along with page builders to produce an excellent result. Videos can beĀ  produced on very cheap software like ‘Screencast ‘o Matic’, or your iPhone.

It is the quality of your message, and content and of course your presentation that people respond to, not how expensive your gear is.

This sideways sales process entails publishing a sequence of videos, 1,2,3,4 and driving traffic to them via Facebook advertising.

Regardless of what you might have heard, Facebook is an excellent source of good quality traffic, YouTube also is excellent.

This sequenced process allows you to build your audience, and to arrive at a launch date for your full course.

The rest involves knowing how to build pages, and stitch your launch together with videos, good copy, well planned content.

For some reason people seem to think they can’t do this unless they pay a guru thousands of dollars, and ask questions which are already answered. People love to flock around personalities and make a big fuss. Actually putting together this type of a launch is not difficult, but confidence does enter the equation, and this is where having a support community can come in very handy; people love to display their knowledge and help newbies out.

This is about all there is to it, execution of a launch.